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Winter Tires

Wondering if winter tires are right for you? Here’s the short answer: they are. Simply put, they help you stop more quickly. As such, winter tires are one of the best safety items you can purchase for you and your vehicle. The tough part is determining which winter tires best suit your needs and understanding why I recommend you purchase your winter tires with dedicated winter rims.

The best winter tire for you will be based on your budget, your driving and how important a quiet ride is to you.

At Upper James Toyota, we recommend a number of winter tires based on our experience and our ability to bulk purchase so we can offer great pricing for our clients. Although we offer other winter tires, Michelin X-Ice tops the list for us. We like Michelin X-Ice based on our experience and the experience of our clients. It’s a nice soft tire which means more rubber contact with the road surface. This would typically result in great grip but faster wear but we find the X-Ice has great longevity and it’s backed by Michelin’s own warranty. However, the really nice thing about Michelin X-Ice is how quiet these tires are. Because of the deeper tread, winter tires are louder than their all season cousins. The X-Ice doesn’t compromise on noise. This may not seem like a big deal but you’ll appreciate it on a long drive visiting friends or family.

So you’ve chosen your tires, the next step is whether you would like them mounted and balanced on winter rims and, if you do, whether you want steel rims or alloy rims.

Mounting your winter tires on rims has only one down side which is the upfront cost. However, when accounting for the life of your winter tires you will actually save money. Why? The cost of labour involved in removing your tires from rims and putting your other tires onto those same rims really adds up. This also takes more time so your visits to the dealership will be longer and I feel like you might have better things to do. As importantly, this is when things can go wrong and it’s really not anyone’s fault. Every time you mount a set of tires on rims you seal them into place. While everything may look great to your technician (and to you) slow leaks can develop resulting in a flat tire. No one wants this in the best of weather, but it’s even worse when it’s cold and snowing. For these reasons, cost and convenience, we recommend your purchase winter rims with your winter tires. Whether you choose alloy rims or the more plain steel rims is entirely up to you, but you won’t regret the purchase.

Making sure you have a winter tire and rim package for your vehicle is the most convenient and cost affective way of ensuring your safety and the safety of those with whom you share the road. If you have questions about the right package for your vehicle and budget, reach out to our parts specialist at Upper James Toyota at 905-387-9287 x 410 or email