Mechanic rotating a tire on a car

Tire Rotation Schedule

There are many things you have to stay on top of when owning a vehicle to help it last longer and continue to give you the reliability you desire. One of the easiest and most affordable ongoing maintenance procedures your vehicle requires is a tire rotation. Every tire manufacturer and expert recommends a tire rotation which helps the longevity of your vehicle’s tires by keeping them in top condition. Keep reading to learn more about the top five reasons why you should rotate your tires and when you should have this service performed, so you can have the confidence you need every time you drive.

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Top 5 Reasons to Rotate Your Tires

  • Better fuel efficiency.
  • Extend the life of your tires.
  • Increased vehicle performance.
  • Save money on replacement and fuel.
  • Spread wear and tear across all four tires.

When to Rotate Your Vehicle’s Tires

Now that you know the top five reasons why you should rotate your tires, you’ll learn when to have them rotated. The recommended schedule for a tire rotation is 10,000 km. Your vehicle’s tire rotation schedule will depend on the road conditions you normally drive on and your driving style. To ensure your tires are in good condition, check them regularly and follow your manufacturer’s recommendations.

If your vehicle is ready for a tire rotation and you want to keep them in good condition and help make them last longer, we encourage you to visit or contact the tire experts at Upper James Toyota, today. If you’re ready to schedule a tire rotation, today, please find our online booking form, below.

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