Steering System Service in Hamilton, ON

Steering System Service at Upper James Toyota

You may not think too much of it when you sit behind the wheel while you guide it to make your turns and see your instruction immediately play out in front of you as your Toyota moves to your whims. There’s a lot that goes into transmitting the movement from your hands to the wheels of your car and a lot that needs to be in order on your steering system. Steering system service is a vital part of vehicle maintenance, and the team at Upper James Toyota is here to help. Read on to learn more and to book service.

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What Does the Steering System Do?

The steering system is incredibly important as it takes the information you provide through maneuvering on the actual steering wheel, then transmits this information through the steering rack in the steering column, then applies that force to the wheels to make the desired movement. Said steering rack may be hydraulic or electric, dependent on your vehicle. Additional components that help the steering system do its job are the power steering pump & lunes, allowing a smoother feel on the steering wheel itself.




How Often Should a Steering System Be Serviced?

As with all parts and components on your Toyota, your steering system needs service as it gets on in age to ensure its proper working order and that it operates at its desired potential. Please consult your owner’s manual for specifics on steering service intervals, but as a general rule, it should be serviced every 80,000 km, or two years. If you have any questions about when to get service, please contact our service team.




Get Steering System Service at Upper James Toyota

Is it time for your Toyota to get steering system service, or have you noticed some signs that have led you to believe that it may be time? Our Upper James Toyota service technicians are experts in the field and can answer any questions you have and get the job done so you can drive with peace of mind knowing your steering system is up to the task. Contact us for any questions, or book your appointment now.




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