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When it comes time for spring cleaning people are often quick to get their house in order, but often forget about one of their other prized possessions and its cleanliness. That’s right, when you do your spring cleaning for the year, don’t forget about the Toyota in your garage! After a tough winter season there’s few things that could benefit your Toyota more than some proper care and preparation for the warmer season. Follow along with our Upper James Toyota experts as we outline some of the top ways you can get your Toyota prepped for spring.

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Combustion & EFI Cleaning Service

Your fuel system in your Toyota went through a lot to power you through the cold and rough conditions of the winter. Treat your vehicle to a Toyota Combustion & EFI System Cleaner Service, which both cleans and rids your vehicles’ combustion system and intake/exhaust valves of inhabitants. Build up in your fuel system can lead to poor performance and an increase in harmful emissions. Contact our Upper James Toyota team to get this beneficial service and be set up right for the spring.

Close-up of combustion:EFI system cleaning of Toyota by a technician

Fuel System Clean

Building off of our last point, you really want to make sure that your engine is as clean as possible after the rigorous winter months. The Toyota Genuine Complete Fuel System Cleaner helps to remove build up inside your engine, allowing your engine to work without loss of power or efficiency. This cleaner is so easy that you can easily do it yourself, which we’ll happily show you, or our Upper James Toyota team will be just as happy to do it for you.

Air Conditioner Refresh

Moving on from the cold weather to the warm weather means you need to make sure that your air conditioner is in proper working order. An A/C Refresher Service from our Upper James Toyota technicians will do exactly that. The ventilation system in your Toyota is supposed to filter out inhabitants, but over time will eventually accumulate build up that doesn’t go away, and which needs to be properly cleaned to ensure a proper flow of air. An A/C inspection will look for said build up, and this service will help clean it out, allowing you to avoid possible larger repairs in the future.

Close-up of person cleaning a headlight

Exterior & Interior Detailing

Look good, feel good, as the old adage goes, and the same applies to your vehicle. Once you have all of the mechanical components good to go for spring driving, now it’s time to make sure your vehicle looks its best. Treat your Toyota to a proper detailing job from our experts here at Upper James Toyota. They will use the best genuine Toyota products made for your model to have it shining both inside and out. We have multiple packages for you to choose from, and a selection of a’ la carte service to make sure your Toyota is looking its best for the spring months. Visit our detailing and cleaning page to learn more.

Get Spring Vehicle Service at Upper James Toyota

Whether you need some help on our to get your Toyota ready for spring, or just like us to do it all for you, contact our Upper James Toyota team for everything to do with the service and care of your vehicle. Treat your Toyota right and get it ready for springtime driving!