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Oil Change at Upper James Toyota

It may be the most popular and common vehicle service done on vehicles across the world, and for good reason. Oil change service is a vital part of vehicle ownership, and necessary to stay on top of. Our Upper James Toyota service technicians are here for all of your oil change needs in the Hamilton area, experts in the field who will provide your Toyota with top quality service, and get you back out on the road quickly. Read on to understand the full role of engine oil in your vehicle, why oil changes are so important, how often it should be changed and the importance of Toyota genuine motor oil. Choose Upper James Toyota for your next oil change and be met with top tier service.

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The Purpose of Oil in Your Engine

You may not see it hidden behind that gorgeous Toyota vehicle covering, but there’s a lot going on underneath your hood. An engine consists of a multitude of moving parts, which constantly move and shift across each other. This much movement demands proper lubrication so these parts can move freely and to the peak of their performance ability. That’s where engine oil comes in, lubricating these components, keeping heat to a minimum and preventing buildup in the engine so it stays clean long into the future. Engine oil is vitally important in your vehicle, and greatly lives up to its name as, perhaps, the most common service regularly done on vehicles.

Why Oil Changes are Essential

Now you know what oil does, wouldn’t it be great if it stayed like that forever? Unfortunately, as hard-worling as engine oil is, it does break down over time, which necessitates said oil change. Over time, the heat of the engine will break down the oil, making it more sludgy and less able to properly lubricate the internal components, causing increased friction and an increased risk of overheating and damage. This is the reason we need to change oil on a frequen schedule, in order to reduce the risk of large-scale engine damage that may result in costly repairs that could have easily been avoided.

How Often Should Oil Be Changed?

It used to be common automotive practice to have your engine oil changed roughly every 3 months or 5,000 km, but with the advancement of engine technology, that number has shifted to a bit longer of a span. We recommend you get your oil changed at least once every 6 months or 8,000 km, whichever comes first. Make sure to consult your owner manual for specific instructions, as well as our Upper James Toyota service technicians, who can advise you on the best schedule for your vehicle. Keep in mind that there are more factors that may affect the timeliness of oil changes, including your type of car, the terrain you drive on, the weather you drive in and more. A good idea, living here in Hamilton, is to make sure your oil is changed in preparation for the summer and winter months.

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil

Toyota genuine motor oil and Toyota genuine synthetic motor oil are made specifically for your Toyota vehicle. These motor oils are the only ones approved and recommended by Toyota for your vehicle. Toyota genuine motor oil is specifically made for harsh climates, on both ends of the spectrum, from hot to cold weather, which makes it perfect for life here in Hamilton and across Canada. Both of these Toyota motor oils can be broken down through 5 key advantages for your vehicle.
Technician pouring oil using a funnel


Service technician pouring engine coolant in car


Service technician fixing parts in engine


Service technicians cleaning engine bay


Service technician rust proofing engine bay

Rust & corrosion prevention

Schedule an Oil Change at Upper James Toyota

Is it time for your next oil change? You now know how important it is to get your oil changed, so make sure you book your next appointment here at Upper James Toyota. Regular oil changes are an integral part of Toyota vehicle ownership. Click through to easily book your appointment online, give us a call or stop by our dealership to schedule your next appointment.