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Summer is on the way, and we know all you’ll want to do is kick up your feet, have a cold drink and enjoy the weather. Before you can get to relaxing, there’s a few things you should make sure to get in order on your vehicle before, setting it up for success for the season. This includes everything from swapping your tires and wipes, to getting brake and fluid checks. Read on to learn more of our top tips on how you can prepare your Toyota for summer.

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Swap Your Tires

Winter vs. summer tires is, perhaps, the biggest change you need to make sure is in order for the new season. With so completely different seasons demands different types of tires specifically formulated to tackle that weather. Be sure to switch over to your summer/all-season tires when the cold weather is in the rearview mirror and temperatures hover around 7℃.

Technician adjusting windshield wipers

Switch Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are often one of those parts that people don’t know can be swapped out for specific seasonal variants that provide better performance in their season. Make sure to switch off your winter wipers for the summer, or if you are running the same wipers year-round, check that your wipers are still in good condition, as snow and ice have been known to do a number on them.

Get a Brake Check

Braking prowess is important year-round, and while people may give it a bit more credence in winter, ensuring that your brakes are in order for summer is very crucial as well. Our Upper James Toyota service technicians will check all components from rotors to pads to have you in top working order.

Close-up of fluid pouring

Test Your Vehicle Fluids

Your fluids in your vehicle do a lot of work year-round, but especially in winter. Make certain that not only are the fluids in great condition and not breaking down, but also that they are at their proper levels. Top-ups are important to take on the extensive heat of the summer.

Test Your Vehicle Battery

The cold weather of winter can do a number on your vehicle in many ways, especially on your car battery. Make sure that you get your battery checked and tested for the cold season. Your battery is still incredibly important in the summer, so its health is vital. Check the connection and make sure it is placed secure under the hood.

Get Your Toyota Ready for Summer at Upper James Toyota

Ready to get your Toyota all ready to go for summer? If time is short and you’d rather enjoy the season yourself, we can do the work for you! Get in contact with our service department to have your Toyota ready for the warm weather.