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Filter Maintenance at Upper James Toyota

The filters in your vehicle are some of the unsung heroes working beneath your Toyota’s gorgeous exterior. Vehicle air filters are important to keep your car, truck or SUV running as it should in peak condition. Read on with our Upper James Toyota team as we outline why they’re so important, when to change them, and take a look through our genuine filter parts that are available to you.

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Why are Filters so Important?

There are multiple different kinds of filters in your vehicle, all with their own job, but all united in helping protect your Toyota from harmful contaminants.
Service technician sitting in vehicle holding a clean and a dirty cabin filter

Cabin filter

This filter helps to clean out the air that comes into your cabin. It does so by removing items like dust, pollen and other potentially dangerous airborne particles.
Close-up of air filter under hood of vehicle

Air filter

Your engine is obviously incredibly important for the operation of your vehicle, and the air filter protects contaminants from entering the engine, and helps maintain the right mix of air and fuel for optimal performance.
Oil filter sitting on top of engine under hood of vehicle

Oil filter

The oil in your vehicle is, perhaps, the most important fluid under the hood, and thus an oil filter helps to ensure proper oil flow and removes any dangerous contaminants in the oil, allowing it to do its job to its best ability.

What are the Signs Your Vehicle Needs a New Filter?

The filters in your vehicle should be changed regularly, and checked regularly during typical maintenance on your vehicle. Your owner’s manual will have specific guidelines on your exact model, so you can follow what has best been set out for your Toyota model. With that being said, on a rough guideline, your cabin air filter should be checked every 8,000 km, and be changed once it becomes dirty. For the engine air filter, ensure to change it between 24,000 km to 48,000 km, where needed.

Toyota Filters

Toyota Genuine Oil Filters

Engine oil circulates in your engine, going to work for optimal performance, while the Toyota Genuine Oil Filter is there as well to ensure that no harmful contaminants get through that could possibly damage the engine, thus improving its lifespan.




Toyota Genuine Air Filters

Your engine needs air, and a clogged filter is something you never want to subject your vehicle to. A clogged filter like this reduces your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and increases engine emissions. These Toyota Genuine Air Filters are made specifically for your Toyota, helping to prevent any air leakage, and keeping your engine in its best shape.




Toyota Genuine Cabin Filters

Keep you and your passengers safe with the best air possible thanks to a clean Toyota Genuine Cabin Filter. These filters are made out of high quality fibers that utilize advanced tech to make sure the air that you breathe is safe.




Toyota Genuine Charcoal Filter

The Toyota Genuine Charcoal Filter is an upgrade on the Toyota Genuine Cabin Air Filter. It provides the same benefit as that worthy Toyota filter, but with a beneficial addition. This cabin air filter sees the introduction of an activated carbon as another layer on the filter, working to absorb odours.




Get Filter Maintenance at Upper James Toyota

Our service team at Upper James Toyota can ensure that all of your filters are in proper order, and swap them out when need be. Our staff can always help you shop for the best filters for your vehicle, if you’re not sure where to start. Click below to book a service appointment with us, or feel free to give us a call if you just have some questions to start.