Drivetrain Service in Hamilton, ON

Drivetrain Service at Upper James Toyota

The drivetrain is one of the most important systems that make up your Toyota. This system involved the regulation of power and force between your vital components like the engine, transmission, differential, tires and more. Our Upper James Toyota team is here for all of your service needs, especially when it comes to the drivetrain system. Read on below to explore what it does, what it’s made of and when to come get service from our expert team.

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What Does the Drivetrain Do?

A typical drivetrain contains the following components: engine, transmission, propeller shaft, driveshaft, tire, differential. How do these all work together to make the drivetrain work? That transmission regulates power and torque sent to the wheels, the differential regulates the directional driver force and allows the tires to move at different speeds for situations like cornering. The driveshaft works as an intermediary, moving power between the differential and the tires. All of this is made smooth thanks to many fluids that keep everything running as it should, which also need to be kept up on.





How Often Should a Drivetrain Be Serviced?

It’s a little bit harder to point to exactly when you need drivetrain service, as there’s so many different parts working within the system, and each with their own lifespans. As well, how you drive your Toyota and where you drive your Toyota can greatly contribute as to when you may need service, differing from someone in a different model and location. If you feel anything “off’ with your drive, especially as it pertains to your wheels, tires, cornering and general drive of your vehicle, it would be wise to get an inspection. Our Upper James Toyota team can easily spot issues, and advise from there.






Get Drivetrain Service at Upper James Toyota

The drivetrain is, obviously, made up of a lot of crucial vehicle components, and any minor or major damage can severely inhibit your vehicle. Avoid this, and costly repairs, by getting regular drivetrain inspections and service from your friends here at Upper James Toyota. Contact our team with any questions you have, or click here to book your next service appointment now.






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