2023 Toyota Camry driving on a road

Benefits of Summer Tires

As summer arrives, local temperatures start to heat up as do the surface temperatures of the roads. With the increased temperatures on the road, your vehicle can benefit from having summer tires on it. Summer tires offer a wide range of benefits when driving on hotter road surfaces thanks to their special tread design and rubber compound. Keep reading to learn more about how you can benefit from having summer tires on your vehicle.

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What Are the Benefits of Driving With Summer Tires?

  1. Stability. With a summer tire’s unique tread pattern and rubber compound, you’ll get increased stability and handling when accelerating, braking and driving around corners.
  2. Fuel Efficiency. Due to the special design of summer tires, in the right conditions, your vehicle will be able to deliver increased fuel efficiency which will help you save money on gas.
  3. Higher Performance on Wet Road Surfaces. Because of their unique tread pattern and special rubber compound, summer tires can provide you with better traction control when driving on wet road surfaces. They can even help keep your vehicle from hydroplaning as they can more easily expel water.

If you would like to take advantage of all the incredible benefits of driving with summer tires in Hamilton, ON, please contact a tire professional at Upper James Toyota, today, to speak with a knowledgeable tire specialist. 

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