Battery Service in Hamilton, ON

Battery Replacement and Maintenance at Upper James Toyota

Has it ever happened to you when you’re trying to start your vehicle but you don’t hear any ignition or starting sound? It may be because you ran out of battery or it failed to work properly.

A battery is the central power hub of a vehicle, and without a well-functioning battery, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to get your car going. It provides power to all the electrical components of your vehicle and starts the engine to ensure smooth operation. Our technicians at Upper James Toyota have come up with a few tips that help you figure out when to bring your Toyota to our service centre for routine maintenance, service and repair. Continue reading to learn about the importance of battery service and the available option for genuine Toyota batteries.

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Why Do You Need Battery Maintenance and Repair Services?

In simple words, if your car’s battery is not in a proper functioning condition, you won’t be able to start and run your vehicle properly. With time, the condition of the battery starts to deteriorate, and it fails to carry the necessary electricity to power all the electrical components, such as power steering, defroster, headlights, windshield wipers, and to start the engine. Moreover, when a battery system fails to support your vehicle, it puts added pressure on other components like the starter and alternator, affecting the overall health and performance of the engine.

How Do You Know You Need to Change a Car’s Battery?

The following are common signs of a failing or bad vehicle battery. You can inspect and find these signs on your own. However, reaching out to skilled and experienced technicians at Upper James Toyota for better consultation and examination is always ideal.

  • Peculiar sound from the vehicle: if you notice cranking sounds from your vehicle, it may be because of a rusting or failing battery. Please note a rusting or rusted battery can cause harm to other engine components as well, so make sure to get it replaced as soon as possible.
  • Flickering lights: in case your ambient lights, headlamps, taillights or daytime running lights suddenly start flickering or go out, it may be because your car’s battery is failing to provide them with the necessary power. Though you can turn the car off and try again later if the problem persists you may need a replacement battery.
  • Failure to start the engine: in this common case, you may face problems starting or igniting the engine even after a couple of tries. The apparent reason for this could be the lowering abilities of your battery to power the engine and other components.
  • Expiration: usually, a car’s battery lasts for 3 to 5 years; after that, it fails to work at its full capacity, which offers a clear sign of replacement or service.

Why Choose a Genuine Toyota Battery?

There’s no better way to enhance the life and performance of your Toyota vehicle than by adding a genuine Toyota battery to it. Toyota batteries are impeccably engineered to match the needs and requirements of the specific vehicle to ensure smooth functionality. Moreover, when you choose a Toyota battery, you no longer have to worry about the configurations, durability, vehicle specifications and other accessories because everything comes in alignment with your Toyota vehicle.

Along with our reliable battery replacement, installation and repair services, you will get a 24-month labour and parts warranty when you choose to have a genuine Toyota battery installed.

Please note that batteries that have been cracked, frozen, opened, dropped or damaged are not covered under the Toyota Battery Replacement Warranty. Some other conditions that are not covered under the battery warranty include;

  • Batteries damaged due to overcharging
  • Failure due to the use of incorrect electrolyte
  • Batteries with damaged or altered warranty plaque
  • Recharging of discharged batteries
Premium Battery Type Coverage Period (Months from the battery’s installation)Warranty Reimbursement Pro-Rate Percentage: Toyota dealership installsWarranty Reimbursement Pro-Rate Percentage: not Toyota installed
72/84 1-24 100% parts & labour (or sublet) 100% parts only
72/8425-36 60% parts onlyN/A
72/8437-48 50% parts onlyN/A
72/8449-60 35% parts onlyN/A
72/8461-72 20% parts onlyN/A
8473-8410% parts onlyN/A

Choose Upper James Toyota for Reliable Battery Service

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