Air Conditioning Service in Hamilton, ON

A/C System Service at Upper James Toyota

We all want to stay cool on a hot day, and the air conditioning system in your Toyota ensures that’s the case. Don’t get overheated in the summer with an A/C system that doesn’t work with proper service from Upper James Toyota. The air conditioning system controls flow and temperature of air to the cabin. It protects thanks to a cabin air filter, and is also joined by an evaporate and blower unit to make everything work. Read on to learn more about the A/C service process, and to book service now.

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Signs Your A/C System Needs Service

It’s important to get your A/C system repaired as soon as possible if you notice something wrong. There can be any number of problems that may arise that should notify you that air conditioning service is in need. Keep an eye on these potential issues:

  • Instead of cool air blowing out of the vents you’re receiving hot air.
  • You notice a strange smell coming out of the vents alongside the air.
  • The strength of the air getting pushed out of the vents seems weaker than usual.




Air Conditioning Refresher Service Process

When we do A/C service on your vehicle, the process is simple and straightforward. An inspection of the entire system kicks it all off, looking for any kind of leaks, dust build-up and more. We’ll take it for a quick drive to test out the various systems on the go, from A/C to heating to the actual vents. It may just be a simple cabin air filter that needs changing, or something that requires more attention due to breakdowns or build-up. To refresh the system we’ll spray a foam down the drain tube to clean out this build-up, then use a conditioning spray in the vents and ducts to again take up any build-up, so it can easily be cleaned out.




Get A/C System Service at Upper James Toyota

Get your Toyota ready for the hot weather season with air conditioning service from our team at Upper James Toyota. Our Toyota technicians are well versed in everything there is to know about your model, so trust in them to have your A/C system working as good as new.