Lineup of tires

It would be a perfect world if you could drive on the same set of tires for a lifetime. Unfortunately, tires are like any component on your vehicle and can break down over time. Especially tires, which are in direct contact with the rough conditions of the road. But how are you supposed to know when you should be looking at getting new tires for your Toyota? Don’t worry, as our Upper James Toyota team has put together a list of the top 4 signs to look out for that may mean you need to invest in new tires.

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1. Tire Tread Depth

How does the tire tread depth look like on your vehicle? Make sure to check it consistently to ensure that they’re still providing enough traction for your needs. It’s easy to check tire tread depth with just a coin, and can inform you of the possible need for new tires.

2. Low Tire Pressure

Are you always noticing that your tires are low on tire pressure and find yourself re-filling them constantly? If so, this could mean that you have a minor leak that’s affecting the condition of the tire. If this happens, you should at least get it checked out and may only have to replace one tire.

Technician working on tire of elevated vehicle

3. Damage to Tires

Have you noticed cracks on the sidewall or bulges around the tire? Cracks and bulges can be a precursor to blowouts and make your tires no longer safe to drive. If you see these, you should make sure to get them looked at and replaced.

4. Unusual Sounds from Your Tires

Unusual noises coming from your vehicle should always be a cause for concern and a reason to look further into what’s going on. Specific noises coming from your tires, or even strange vibrations, are a strong sign that you need replacement tires.

Get Tire Service & Replacement at Upper James Toyota

If you know you need tire service or a tire swap, our Upper James Toyota team is here for you. On the other side of things, if you think something may be wrong with your tires but aren’t sure, our team is also more than happy to help to answer any questions or to take a look at your Toyota or off-make. Contact our Upper James Toyota team, today, with all your tire needs.