Winter Tires at Upper James Toyota

Shop for Winter Tires in Hamilton, ON

Winter hits Hamilton before you know it, and you and your Toyota need to be prepared for those frigid months. Put your Toyota in the best position to succeed by ensuring you outfit it with specifically-designed winter tires. Winter tires were made to tackle the cold & icy elements of winter head-on, made from a flexible rubber compound and deep treads to maintain the safest traction possible while maintaining performance. Continue reading to learn even more about why snow tires are so beneficial, when to get them swapped on, and the benefits from buying here at Upper James Toyota.

Why Your Toyota Needs Winter Tires

All-season tires just simply aren’t up to the task of dealing with the potential of winter conditions that can touch down here in Hamilton. Snow tires perform better than any other when the dry pavement below turns to snow, ice, slush and just plain cold. These winter tires work to improve performance, traction and help to shorten your Toyota’s braking distance, a giant help in these conditions. These are the top reasons why it’s essential to get winter tires for your Toyota:




  • Deep treads provide better grip in the snow
  • Specially designed sipes push water back away from your tire
  • Toyota-approved winter tires are made from a hydrophilic rubber compound that provides an even better grip
  • Soft rubber of winter tires more easily grips the snow




When to Put Snow Tires on Your Toyota?

Don’t make the mistake of having to be out on the road with improper tires, plan ahead and know when to get your winter tires swapped on. Don’t wait for the snow to fly before deciding to bring your Toyota into our service department, you need to be well prepared before then. Follow along with the 7℃ rule, where as soon as the temperature consistently dips below that mark, it’s time to get your winter tires on, whether there’s actually snow on the ground yet or not. Following this simple guideline will have been well set up for the season, and able to be the rush of those scrambling on the first dump of snow.

When you shop for winter tires at Upper James Toyota you’ll know you’re getting the best deal thanks to our Toyota Price Match Promise program. If you find the same tires that you bought at a better price in our local area, we’ll match that price. This means that you can shop both in-person and online with peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to secure the best price possible on your essential winter tires. This deal applies to a wide-range of the top tire manufacturers, ensuring you not only get a good deal on tires but also ones with a name that you can trust.

Buy Winter Tires at Upper James Toyota

It couldn’t be easier to shop for your next set of winter tires here at Upper James Toyota. You, of course, can visit us in person and shop with the help of one of our service specialists here at our dealership, or you can easily do so from the comfort of your own home thanks to our tire shopping tool below. All you have to do is select your model of tires then be able to browse all of the available options. From there you can purchase them and arrange a time for them to be installed. Make your next winter driving season a breeze thanks to snow tires from Upper James Toyota.