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Parts for your vehicle can never be underrated, especially genuine OEM parts that were made specifically for your vehicle, and ones installed by professionals. Our team here at Upper James Toyota only works with the best genuine Toyota parts that were designed and tested to not only fit in your vehicle but to hold up for years to come. Our genuine Toyota accessories operate much the same, but allow you to add a little bit more style, convenience, safety, entertainment and more to your Toyota. Shop for genuine parts & accessories here at Upper James Toyota, then let our expert team handle the installation for you.

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Genuine Toyota Parts

Genuine OEM Toyota parts, as opposed to aftermarket or counterfeit parts, are parts made specifically for your vehicle. These parts are made from high quality materials that maintain the same integrity as your vehicle, ensure the right fit and who will stay durable no matter where your next journey takes you. Whether you’re driving a Corolla or a Tundra, the parts experts here at Upper James Toyota can source the part you need and get it installed for you. Our parts advisors are here to assist, making certain your Toyota’s world-famous quality and performance standards are upheld by the genuine parts it deserves.


Genuine Toyota Accessories

While parts are intrinsic for the safe and optimal operation of your vehicle, accessories are a little extra that go above and beyond, that, while not necessary, can go a long way in personalizing your Toyota or adding even more convenience, entertainment and safety features. Like genuine Toyota parts, genuine Toyota accessories are made with quality in mind to harness the best performance, fit and finish, perfectly made for your model. Thus, you can trust in these accessories to provide safe and reliable operation down any road and for years in the future. To top it all off, an accessory warranty covers you for 3 years / 60,000 km when bought during the new vehicle process.


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Our Tire Store

Some of the most essential “parts,” and ones often overlooked, are the tires on your Toyota. Tires are the unsung hero of your vehicle, the only part of your vehicle that touches the road, and who provides a direct line to your vehicle’s safety. This of course is affected by not only what type of tires you have, but also what season you’re running them in. Utilizing the correct type of tires for the season (ie. winter tires only in winter) are vital for not only the safe operation of your vehicle, but also in extending its lifespan. Our online tire store makes shopping for tires easy, complete with a wide variety of options for the different seasons, a multitude of driving styles and road conditions. View all of our winter, summer and all-season tires, today.


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Our Parts Specials

When shopping, everyone is always on the lookout for a deal, so we’ve made things a bit easier for your buying needs by collecting all of our currently available parts specials in one location. Navigate to our dedicated parts specials page and view the parts specials for you. These offers are updated month-to-month, so if you don’t see anything that meets your needs at the moment, be sure to check back often and find the deal that works best for you.



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Order Parts & Accessories at Upper James Toyota

It’s simple to order parts & accessories or to just get a quote from us here at Upper James Toyota. If you know what you’re looking for, we’ll source it for you. If you need a little bit more assistance, please get in touch with us and we’ll guide you through the entire part & accessory ordering process. Whether crucial parts for the operation of your Toyota, or personalized accessories, our Upper James Toyota parts experts are here to get you what you need.

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