Factory Order

Pre-order Your 2024 Toyota Today!

At Upper James Toyota you can actually customize your vehicle just the way you want. During these times of tighter supply than usual, you are able to order your vehicle, with the package you want and the in the colour you want directly from factory. It’s worth the wait to get exactly what you want.


How does an Upper James Toyota Factory Order work?

  • We help you to determine the right vehicle for you and you customize it as you wish. You provide us with a deposit to place the order.
  • Toyota Canada Inc. is informed of your order and work to fill this order.
  • While we wait for your order to be filled (timelines depend on a number of factors) we will let you know if we are granted a similar vehicle and you have the first opportunity to accept it.
  • We will keep you up to date on your order status on a regular basis. If you are unhappy with the timelines we provide, we will refund your deposit.
  • You’ll be informed when your vehicle arrives and if you are unhappy with the way it drives, we will refund your deposit.


At Upper James Toyota we try to make the sales experience easy and we want you to get what you really want. That’s why we offer the option of Factory Ordering your next new Toyota.


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