Kevin Levy has been with Upper James Toyota for just over one year but he’s been on the service side of the automotive business for over 8 years. As a Service Advisor, his goal is to provide a great experience while ensuring your vehicle is operating as Toyota designed. He serves as the liaison between our guests and our Toyota technicians. Kevin’s focus is on your needs and our technicians focus on the needs of your vehicle.

There’s one question that stands out as the most asked, “What should I do about my check engine light coming on?” The number one reason we see this happening is a gas cap that’s not fully tightened. That’s it and it happens more often than you might think. If your check engine light goes on and you’ve recently filled up, just tighten the gas cap and drive. Within one week the light may turn off.

If tightening the gas cap doesn’t turn off the check engine light on your Toyota then call Upper James Toyota for a quick diagnostic check. Our Toyota trained technicians receive the latest training on our Toyota vehicles and we continually invest in the latest diagnostic tools and special tools to allow us to fix things right the first time. We’re here when you need us and we’re ready to help.

If you have a check engine light on in your vehicle and you’re not sure of what to do, call Upper James Toyota at 905-387-9287 and our service team will be pleased to help you.